What is the special mortar for thermal insulation systems?


The special mortar for thermal insulation systems can be basically divided into two categories: special mortar for internal thermal insulation and special mortar for external thermal insulation. For the former, gypsum-based mortar is typical; while for the latter, cement-based bonding mortar and finishing mortar for ETIS (abbreviation for external thermal insulation system) with EPS (expanded polystyrene) boards and thin layer plaster are the most widely used.

Bonding mortar is used to bond the polystyrene board onto the base wall, while finishing mortar is thin-coated on the outer surface of pasted polystyrene boards or of polystyrene particles, in order to ensure the mechanical strength and durability of thin-plastered ETIS. Since it is in the outer layer, it also requires having strong resistance to impact, thermal stress, water and frost, in addition to sufficient bond strength in the performance. In general, the addition amount of polymer is great, and a certain amount of polypropylene fiber or other cellulose ethers is usually added to improve the crack resistance.