waterproof putty formulations


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Specifications of HPMC seems to be good but better if DS is specified. What we need is good workability and water retention on 0.3-0.4% use with 10%Cement and 85-90% inert on less than 250 mesh size. How much RDP is needed to achieve min 1.2 N/mm2 strength on 2 days and 7 days.

Specifications of HP10M, DS is about 1.8, the ash content is less 3, in the putty the workability is very good. If want to achieve 1.2N/MM2 strength, we think 10% cement is a little, we suggest to add some cement quantity. At the same time, we suggest you RDP505 type, this type hardness is stronger. The hardness of sand and other padding are also influnce the hardness,so hope you can adjust the formula according to the testing effect.

Material I am using is 300 mesh precipitated calcium carbonate with moh hardness of 3 and dolomite with hardness of 3.5/4. HPMC used is 0.35%. RDP is to be 2.5%. Will 15% -20% Cement acheive desired 1.2 N/mm2 Strength??.

We think the cement content is too low, we suggest the cement content is about 35-40%, at the same time, suitably add superplasticizer 1-1.5KG. If can not reach 1.2N/MM2, can suitably add RDP to be 25%.
The above is only our suggestion, hope you can make the best formula according to your cost and effect.

As per discussion the formulations is

Cement 350, hpmc 2, Superplastisizer 1, Clay 100, Inert Fillers 550 and RDP 25. This will give strength. Already sent Sample for testing. Real Problem is that cost is high. For cost reduction we have to bring down RDP to 10-12. Our requirement for compressive strength is 9 which will be achieved by adding 35% cement but will tensile strength and waterproof capabilities will be achieved by adding only 1% RDP ??. In INDIA your cost can not increase INR 11/Kg for market acceptability.

Price wise 50Kg cement is equivalent to 5 Kg RDP. We are following Singapur Housing Board Standard for wall putty applications.

Please wait some more time for test results to come.

What is cost of Spray dried PCE based Superplastisizer ??. In INDIA it is 680/kg.

Cost of RDP in INDIA is 180/kg and Cement is 18/kg.

HPMC's viscosity 100000 is ok, if increase the formula weight, the constructability will be worse,put into PEO, keep the wetness,At the same time can reduce the use amount of HPMC

You are not advised to use HPMC more than 0.2% if it has viscosity > 50000 as it will drastically effect the workability and sufficient enough for 98% water retention. What is PEO. How much sand is needed ??.

PEO full name: polyoxyetheylene. Our HPMC(viscosity 100000)the ash content less than 3,the Water retention and liquidity is well suited to be used in putty, have good workability,we suggest you to test the sample.For 4kg add amount,we suggest you to make a test, all depend on the test result.

As far as HPMC is concerned yours is 100000 CP and 1.8 DS which of best quality. I really don't think more than 2 Kg is needed. Adding more will absorb more water resulting in less strength and lower W/C ratio. I need PCE based spay dried powder capable to reduce 40% water consumption.

About the superplasticizer CIF Delhi price, I think now we don't know how many quantity you will order, so I don't know the sea freight. But we know the sea freight from China to Indian is very cheaper.
Our superplasticizer can reduce 25%-28% water comsumption.
About the HPMC, we suggest 4kgs, that is only our suggestion, all depend on your test.
If you need our superplasticizer for testing, we would like to offer you the sample.

Spray dried PCE based superplastisizer reduces water by 35-40%. Please confirm its PCE based and it is spray dried powder. It has to be dry mixed in powder not with water.

our superplastisizer PCE based and it is sprayed dried powder, that's production technical.
Our superplasttisizer reduces water by 25%-28%, now in China, most are this kind. We can't offer superplastisizer reduces water by 35%-40%.