The feasibility of using this formula for Porcelain Tiles?

Two-component, Probably like this:

A component: liquid interface agent, styrene-acrylic emulsion + water
B component: tile adhesive, formula for the cement 400, sand 600, HPMC 2, redispersible powder 5, fiber and starch ether

First, brush A component in the back of the Porcelain tiles , and after dring, Stick to the wall with tiles adhesive. is it possible?

Consult: A component of the emulsion and water ratio? Do we need to add other things? Styrene-acrylic emulsion suitable? Finally, Is the B formula appropriate? How to adjust? Thanks


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Do not use the emulsion as the interface agent
If you use the emulsion+cement made of cement mortar as interface agent, and then paste, you can


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A component: Need to add cement, sand. The emulsion content of the total proportion of 10% is enough, the emulsion need to consider the glass transition temperature. The preferred choice is Styrene-butadiene rubber latex.

B component, HPMC and RDP should add more qty.