How to increase the strength of leveling wall putty

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  1. Gary Wilson

    Gary Wilson New Member

    325 cement 400kg,
    Fly ash 200kg,
    Ground Calcium Carbonate 400kg,
    Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose 3KG,
    thixotrope 0.8,
    wood fiber 2,
    Redispersible polymer powder 5kg,

    After construction, Wall surface picking. how to solve this problem?
    Can we add polyvinyl alcohol? How much better.
  2. paul

    paul New Member

    This formula must be surface picking! Suggested cement 500kg, Ground Calcium Carbonate 500kg, Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose 4kg, wood fiber 2kg, Redispersible polymer powder 15kg/20kg/25kg three level, you try it!

    If you make real stone paint, the formula can be adjusted to cement 350kg; 80-160 mesh quartz sand 550kg; Ground Calcium Carbonate 100kg; Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose 3.5-4kg; RDP 10kg/15kg/20kg three level try it
  3. Gary Wilson

    Gary Wilson New Member

    It is mainly used in the plastering mortar to fill the hole and leveling. The Thin layer of 1mm. Cost control in the USD75 or so.
  4. paul

    paul New Member

    Is your paint flat or real stone paint? Flat painted, can not add sand; real stone paint can add sand, but the river sand is too thick , must be used fine quartz sand.

    The external walls are also added caustic lime to prevent surface picking, you try it! But caustic lime must be very good, and trial them before construction.

    Tip: If you supply paint, you will provide wall putty; if you do not provide paint, you do not provide wall putty, otherwise the future problems of paint, they will say is the reason for the wall putty.
  5. Miroslav

    Miroslav New Member

    cost USD75? it is impossible.
    According to what paul said, and suggest you:
    HPMC 4-5KG
    The amount of RDP is adjusted according to your cost.
    If external wall, do not add polyvinyl alcohol. Polyvinyl alcohol provides only early strength and no Water-Resistant. Later saponification will lose strength, no effect.

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