Help, the interior polished wall putty no gloss


I made the interior polished putty
Heavy Calcium Carbonate: 750kg
calcium hydroxide: 250kg
Hpmc: 4.5
Pva: 2
Hps: 0.6
the customer said after polishing, there is no gloss and brightness. Feels not smooth, does not look bright, what is the reason?


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Check the quality of calcium hydroxide, must be 400 mesh, heavy calcium powder 350 mesh, if your calcium hydroxide is good, with 200 kg enough.
Delete air entraining agent(HPS).
pva is not recommended to polish wall putty, the surface will have particles,
want a good gloss:
1, calcium hydroxide purity is high, fineness is better, it is recommended to add 250-400 kg.
2, heavy calcium powder 350 -400 mesh.
3,Conditions permitting to add 5-10% calcium carbonate light, the surface is more delicate.
4, HPMC must have better water retention, more than 90%, the amount should be sufficient, so that, In the construction, the surface will not crack and Curls Up, facilitate the surface film and the workers make a beautiful luster.