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    Help, the interior polished wall putty no gloss

    I made the interior polished putty Heavy Calcium Carbonate: 750kg calcium hydroxide: 250kg Hpmc: 4.5 Pva: 2 Hps: 0.6 the customer said after polishing, there is no gloss and brightness. Feels not smooth, does not look bright, what is the reason?
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    What is the difference between the C1T and C2T grades in the tiles adhesive?

    The main difference is to measure the bond strength index, C1 bond strength is greater than or equal to 0.5Mpa, and C2 bond strength is greater than or equal to 1.0Mpa. Generally, small brick with C1-type tile adhesive, stickers more than 800x800 tiles with C2-type tile adhesive.
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    The feasibility of using this formula for Porcelain Tiles?

    A component + cement is basically feasible. B component, RDP need to be increased
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    (interior) Waterproof polished wall putty formula

    Recipe material to provide reference: the material of their respective regions are different, this formula can only provide a reference, not allowed to mass production before experiment. Formula: Filler: Ground Calcium Carbonate: 700kg Inorganic binder: calcium hydroxide 300kg (According to...
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    What are the main raw materials of bonding mortar and finishing mortar for thermal insulation system

    ① Inorganic Cementitious Materials: Inorganic cementitious materials such as cement are embedded into the pores of base materials by mechanical insertion, and will have high compressive strength, low tensile strength and rigidity after setting and hardening. ② Polymer Emulsion or Redispersible...
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    What is the special mortar for thermal insulation systems?

    The special mortar for thermal insulation systems can be basically divided into two categories: special mortar for internal thermal insulation and special mortar for external thermal insulation. For the former, gypsum-based mortar is typical; while for the latter, cement-based bonding mortar and...
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    Have a good day!

    Have a good day!